A simple date picker writed in pure javascript by Christophe Leblanc to use in applications or websites. This is initializable with the today's date or any other and has also the ability to fire a callback function each time a date is selected. Feel free to use it and improve it!

Links: datepicker.js | style.css

How To:

//Create Date Picker
var datePicker = CJPLDatePicker.create(element_id);

//Callback on selection
datePicker.onSelect = function(){...}

Tips: The language used for the dates is French but it is very simple to modify this by modifying the values ​​contained in the arrays "months", "weekdays" and "mini_weekdays".

License: This program is free software. It is distributed in hope it can be usefull, without any warrantee of use and without restrictions. Feel free to redistribute and/or modify it.

Creative Commons License

This document by Christophe Leblanc is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.