Super SHMUP Fighters is a mini 2D video game type "Space Shooter". The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles, destroy the maximum of enemies and survive until the end of the level.

It is developed in Javascript and is playable directly in the internet browser but requires the use of a joystick equipped with two analog axes (one to move the ship, the other to shoot around).

The game is still developing. The available version is a demo. Last updated: 24/07/2019.

The concept of the game:

  • The player must resist several waves of enemies, avoid obstacles to finally defeat the boss. There is only one "stage", which lasts approximately 5 minutes.
  • The player has 100 health points, each collision with an enemy missile or mine deals damage and loss health. If the number of health points reaches 0, the player loses the game and must restart the game.
  • The player has two weapons, a multi-directional "machine gun" and missiles. The ammo is unlimited.
  • Bonuses are dispatched along the course.
  • Green energy bonuses earn 50 health.
  • The white energy bonuses equip the player ship with a shield for 1 minute that will divide the damage received by two.
  • "UP" bonuses earn more powerful missiles.
  • The "stage" is composed of preprogrammed "fixed" phases and random phases.

Initial project started in 2016 by Christophe Leblanc with the framework Phaser 2 then slowly improved and passed on Phaser 3.

This video game requires the use of a joystick.

If you do not have a controller, you can also try this first portable version for tablet and smartphones.



Super SHMUP Fighters does not require any installation. It can be launched in any modern web browser. The use of Chrome, more efficient, is recommended.

Configuration of the controller:

In most cases, you will need to set up your controller before playing. A configuration screen is accessible in the game, from the START screen. To access it, use the mouse of your computer and click on the small zone envisaged for this purpose, in TOP RIGHT of screen START. This window will allow you to select the joystick to use and assign the correct axes / buttons using a small debug box.

If your joystick appears disconnected when you open the window, close the window and activate your joystick by touching a button / axis before reopening the configuration window. If the problem persists, check the compatibility of your browser and make the necessary settings / updates. If you notice a problem that can not be solved with your controller, contact me.

Full screen mode

To view the game in full screen, press the " f " key on your keyboard.

Minimum system requirements:

This game requires the use of a controller as well as an internet browser updated with Javascript enabled. For framerate optimization, it is advisable to close all applications that may slow down the game, including other browser tabs (for example, a youtube video).


Super SHMUP Fighters evolves slowly but could benefit in the coming months from:

  • Best graphic skin for menus, enemies, scenery etc ...
  • Integration of a multi-player mode.
  • Add sounds, music.
  • Backup system to save scores.

If you think that all these evolutions, or others, are useful, or if you wish to participate in the evolution of the game, do not hesitate to contact me.


This software and the media that are integrated are the exclusive property of Christophe Leblanc. The software is usable free of charge WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Any total or partial reproduction of the code, graphic elements or sound, is totally prohibited.

To obtain a special authorization to modify / use / redistribute this software, contact me.
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