MIrr Scene Editor is a little 3d scene visualiser and editor, writted in C++ by Christophe Leblanc, using the Irrlicht realtime 3D engine.

It facilitates the use of many Irrlicht functions without coding, directly on its user interface.

The source code is lightweight and basic, making Mirr Scene Editor easily extensible, editable, or adaptable to a specific Irrlicht project.

It has been done few years ago in a studying project. At this time, it is not really in active development, so it is released as is, as an open source project, in hope it can be usefull to somebody, but can not be considered as a credible 3D scene editing solution.


In details:

  • Use all files types supported in Irrlicht.
  • Create, load and edit scene nodes (deometrics, meshes, animated meshes, lights, particles etc...)
  • Move, rotate, resize scene nodes on the three axes
  • Use materials
  • Show debugging tools (bounding boxes, axes, skeletons etc...)
  • Open and save Irrlicht compatible ".irr" files
  • Available in English or French.
  • Open source.


This program is free software, released without any warrantee or licenses. Feel free to use, modify, redistribute like you want.

Irrlicht has its own license, here



Creative Commons License

This document by Christophe Leblanc is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.